Helping the Visually Impaired Navigate with 3D Audio

​Since working on a technology project related to the blind and deaf-blind last winter, assistive technology now pops up on my radar. Apple has been a leader here, though others including Microsoft & Google(1)  have gotten the message and are starting to innovate in this area.

So these reviews of a prototype device from Microsoft caught my eye(2):

It integrates GPS information with audio cues in a way that still allows the user to hold conversations and listen to the environment around there by using jaw bone conduction.

With some development, I can see it being expanded through physical signals like vibration to the deaf-blind.



(1) I am aware Google has made efforts and has initiatives related to assistive technology. While others have written & presented about Google’s efforts in this area, Google not yet made much information available publically yet itself about their initiative. (Try a Google search for Google Assistive Technology” and notice that no pages by Google come up in the top couple pages! Maybe Google needs help with SEO… 🙂 )

(2) Accessed 11/6/14.


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