Not-for-Profits: Discounted Cloud Collaboration from Microsoft (Until 4/6/15)!

Collaboration & Productivity in the Cloud - Office 365

Easier Collaboration with the Cloud

Do you struggle to keep your tools and systems up to date and secure? Do you want better ways to collaborate and share information securely with your boards, committees, and volunteers? Moving to the cloud can really help.

Sutton Enterprises has used Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-based productivity suite as our back-office business platform for over 5 years now and have learned a lot. We run projects with our not-for-profit clients using our SharePoint sites and like the ability to bring both client contacts and their volunteers together:

  • No more emailing large documents!
  • Team members all contribute to the same documents online.
  • Automatic versioning – see the history of changes when needed.
  • No longer spend hours merging input from different people manually.
  • The security and options for different levels of access are superior and easy to manage.

Volunteers and other guests, like your contractors and service providers, can join your sites securely without the cost of buying extra licenses for them, expanding your reach and ability to manage projects, committees …

Project Sky Discounts

Not-for-profits have limited resources to manage technology and keep it current, yet many continue to try to host their tools and ​platforms in-house or on dedicated servers. Cloud platforms can help since updates and security are managed by the provider. Not that many not-for-profits have made the move yet, though.

Since we have experienced it, we understand that change can be very hard and there are costs to make change. If you are apprehensive​ of the cost, Microsoft is offering a substantial discount through early 2015  to help get you started.

Microsoft has a special project right now that it extended through 4/6/2015 to help business organizations move to the cloud with the help of Office 365 partners.

Project Sky Discount for the Business Organizations/Influencers:

  • 50% off Office 365 E3 Plan
  • Discount for 1 full year
  • Organization must be 501c6
  • Organization size cannot exceed 250 seats
  • The offer expires on 4/6/2015


Project Sky Discount for the Business Organizations/Influencers:

5% off Office 365 Business Premium

  • Discount for 1 full year
  • Up to 500 Customers
  • The offer expires on 4/6/2015


Note that the first discount is for you (the 501c6 organization). The second discount is a benefit you are able to offer members of your organization.


Getting Started

If you are interested in the discounts, contact me.  I would be happy to help you navigate the process.

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Tricia Sutton, PMP  is an innovator. As the leader of Sutton Enterprises Inc., she has been able to instigate strategic change in not-for-profits looking to improve their practices and performance. Tricia works relentlessly to be on the cutting edge of knowledge and technology, including authoring and co-authoring many articles and serving as a volunteer in professional associations.


Sutton Enterprises liked the Office 365 tools so much that we became a Microsoft partner, mainly so we can help others benefit from what we’ve learned and have an easier transition.

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