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      Learning. Growing. Improving. Together.

Are you relentlessly focused on delivering value to your customers?

Have you moved past the basics in your improvement efforts?

  • Conferences or workshops provide content that is too remedial for your needs?
  • Frustrated you don’t have a good peer group to compare notes or learn from other's successes and struggles?

Want to connect with other people who have been in the trenches and are well along their journey?

If so, know that others share your passion for excellence and relentless pursuit of knowledge.
LeanEx® will help you find them!

What is LeanEx®?

LeanEx® provides collaborative learning consortia:

  • Like-minded professionals exchange knowledge to solve problems together and drive significant improvement in their organizations
  • 6-12 member companies per group
  • Members
    • are not competitors
    • agree to hold information on their fellow members confidential.
    • meet regularly in person at each other's facilities
    • actively learn from each other and support each other's steady progress.
    • drive the topics and goals each session and for the year to meet their needs and priorities.
  • Host organizations choose what aspects of their businesses or problems to review and receive candid, direct feedback from peers to help them improve.


Who Should Join

Leaders across a variety of industries and disciplines who are committed to improvement and value the insight of their peers. Lifelong learners who need to drive results in their organizations and realize they will accelerate their successes by working with others.



Collaborative learning depends on continuity and trusted relationships so members subscribe annually. Memberships range from $4,900 to $6,500 depending on format, timing, and type of involvement. Prospective members may pay for and attend one session before joining.



  • Learn from the successes and challenges of your peers in a confidential setting.
  • Deep your understanding of lean and agile practices based on the experiences of many types of organizations.
  • Gain direct and candid feedback to improve all aspects of your business from peers and experts with diverse and specialized knowledge.


Sutton's Facilitation

Leaders at Sutton Enterprises serve as professional facilitators of LeanEx® groups.

  • During sessions, the facilitator supports and guides the group's learning experience and group dynamics, allowing members focus on sharing knowledge.
  • Between sessions, facilitators handle administrative details, screen membership requests, coordinate communications, and schedule hosts to verify meetings deliver on the group's stated goals.
  • Facilitators also screen and manage any requests for guests and guest speakers that will support the groups' goals, gaining agreement from guests and speakers that they will not actively sell during their participation and disclose any requests for services from members.
  • Annually, facilitators assess members needs and help establish goals to support the success of individual members and each group as a whole.

To support LeanEx as a member-driven, collaborative learning environment, Sutton Enterprises focuses its role on maintaining and developing each group. Sutton does not directly sell consulting services to consortia members. Where group members elect, Sutton may provide members information on events and resources that may be of interest.

Learn more about the facilitator - Tricia Sutton


Value Proposition

LeanEx® provides real-world, practical problem-solving and deep rich learning and skills through personal exchange of knowledge and experience to improve your organization's processes, time to market, and performance while reducing waste and fostering a lean, learning-centered environment. The interactive format and member-driven content allow you to leverage a high-powered group of peers to solve your most pressing problems.


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