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"Dear Tricia,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Lance Welter for all of the hard work and contributions that Sutton Enterprises has made toward developing the Request for Proposal process for the Affordable Housing Accreditation Board. Your professional expertise made the defining process manageable and comprehensive for me. Walking me through step by step in layman’s terms alleviated my concerns that I would be outside of my expertise area with all of the “techno speak” required to thoroughly build the RFP and present the full breadth of the software tool I sought for an Accreditation Management System. I enjoyed working with you and look forward to future opportunities to collaborate.

Warm regards, "
Sandra Desrosiers, Accreditation Manager, AHAB

Unlike many accreditation consultants, Sutton does not help organizations gain accreditation. Instead, Sutton focuses on the Accrediting Agency to improve how you serve the organizations you accredit:

  • Improve existing programs and processes / workflows for handing self-studies, renewals, reporting…
  • Build new Accreditation program
  • Technology planning, selection, implementation
  • Pre-accreditation Studies – Is your market ready for accreditation?

Our combined experience of over 20 years in educational, public sector, professional trade association accreditation gives us a deep understanding of accreditation processes, requirements, and technology options.

Understand your requirements before you select technology.

Implement tech tools that support your organization’s workflow..

Contact us to explore how to improve your accreditation program.