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Create a unique, secure cloud computing environment to support who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Choose efficient technology solutions that fit your unique needs and bottom line priorities through Sutton Enterprises backed by Microsoft Cloud services. Employ only the products and services you really care about using the familiar Microsoft Office® platform.

We partner with you to improve your operations without hurting your budget or adding to existing systems. Chances are you already use the cloud in online banking, web-based email, photo sharing, or online bookkeeping.

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Cloud Computing Benefits

      Anywhere Anytime: Access all your organization's data from any device (with Internet connection - across different platforms Mac, iPhone, Android ... as well as Windows) Collaborate: With team members from anywhere in real time or when available
              Share documents
              Track projects
              Accelerate communications with instant messaging and on-demand virtual worksessions
              Hold interactive meetings with your team and customers

      Secure: Automated data backup, login-only access, configurable SPAM protection

              Add or reduce team members easily.
              Collaborate with contractors, volunteers, and members / customers from outside your organization when needed.
              Quickly add or reduce storage and services.
              Pay as you go using only the services you need.

      Stay Current:
              Minimal Maintenance
              New versions included with updates done easily through the cloud

      Reduce & Spread Costs:
              Convert capital expenses to operating expenses by using software as a service (SAAS).
              Access sophisticated, integrated technology solutions without hiring an IT staff to manage it.
              No long-term commitments or disruptions to your existing business operations

Curious? Moving to the cloud is easier than you might think.

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Logo: Office 365, orange background, white letters
Microsoft® Office 365 - Access data anywhere on any device using apps and services

Microsoft® Exchange Online - Secure e-mail with shared contacts and calendaring on multiple devices

Microsoft® SharePoint® Online - Store, sync, share, and collaborate on content

Microsoft® Lync® Online:
        Instant message (IM), video calls, and phone calls
        Collaborate with team members and customers in online meetings, training, and events

Implementation, migration, custom configuration, and support services

Don't Ignore the Cloud

If your thoughts keep returning to reducing costs, becoming more efficient, scaling your resources, and reaching for the sky, don’t ignore cloud computing. Sutton Enterprises can help you transform your business on your own terms. Give us a call or Email us for a demo or 30-day free trial. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

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