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Assess Your Nonprofit

Do you know where your organization stands compared to its potential? Do you know where your efforts can have more impact to reaching that potential?

The MaxCI AssessmentTM is an online, metrics-based, confidential assessment of an organization's health across 9 core business functions* that:

We help you work through tough decisions.

  • Supports long term strategic planning to drive board growth and success
  • Provides an independent, third party assessment tool with recommendations
  • Measures your organizational health and maturity compared to your potential
  • Helps your board and leadership make data-driven decisions
  • Delivers a method to track your organization’s growth and continued competencies year after year.
    • * The business functions include: Mission, Board of Directors, Business Plan, Administration,
      Financial Management, Programs & Services, Marketing, Fundraising, and Volunteers

Watch a 3 minute video about the assessment.

Assessment Tool Video

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Who Should Complete The Assessment

Ideally, the entire board of directors and senior staff complete the Assessment independently, then the organization orders a composite, statistical analysis report (across all who take the assessment for your organization).

    You will receive a more robust analysis that reflects different perspectives and experiences. Engaging the leadership team makes a stronger statement to your consumer community, sponsors, grant-makers ...

      "This is where we are, here is where we want to go, and this is how you can help us to better serve our community.

If just one person completes the organizational self-assessment, it should be the Executive Director or the President/Chair of the Board of Directors.

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What Do I Get After I Complete The Assessment?

image:chart showing graph lines with potential at the top line, plus two vertical arrows of differnt heights indicating different scores compared to the potential

Groups taking the assessment

If at least five individuals from your organization complete the assessment, you may elect to receive an additional, composite statistical analysis with a breakdown of the scoring for the nine business functions:

  • Your organizational ipsative score (a score relative to your potential and not compared to other organizations)
  • Ipsative or comparative scores for each of nine business functions
  • A set of Assumptions & Recommendations (6 to 8 pages) for improving each of the nine major business functions
  • An advantage over not-for-profit organizations who have not taken the Assessment when applying for grants.
  • A presentation of the results to your board and consulatation about how to use the results

The board and leadership who take the assessment together (and order the composite analysis) can use the results to:

  • Discuss an accurate and composite picture of the organization
  • Review the Assumptions & Recommendations (6-8 pages) for improving the business functions
  • Set priorities for business functions that need attention
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the organization across the Board and leadership
  • Coalesce & align the board and staff based on data, understanding, and input from each person
  • Use the results as a strategic advantage over organizations who have not taken the assessment when seeking funding (grants, loans, sponsorships...)


You will receive confidentially for your own use:

  • Your organizational comparative score – the score is compared to your potential only (ipsative), and not to other organizations
  • A comparative score for each one of the nine business functions assessed
  • A specific set of assumptions & recommendations for 9 business Functions, that will lead you to your next level of growth or organizational capacity

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Why is comparative (or ipsative) scoring so important?

  • The organizational comparative scoring mechanism is all about your organization and its potential. It is not a raw score – very unlike a credit score.
  • Your organization is compared to itself and not compared to others.
  • Comparative scores (ipsative) include one for each of the nine business functions; those results give to you the opportunity to quickly recognize which business function(s) needs urgent attention.
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