Cloud computing and remote work has become increasingly important and available. Create a secure cloud computing environment to support who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Choose efficient technology solutions that fit your unique needs and bottom-line priorities through Sutton Enterprises backed by Microsoft Cloud services. Employ only the products and services you really care about using the familiar Microsoft Office® platform. 

We partner with you to improve your operations without hurting your budget or adding to existing systems. Chances are you already use the cloud in online banking, web-based email, photo sharing, or online bookkeeping. 


Cloud Computing Benefits 

Anywhere Anytime: Access all your organization's data from any device (with Internet connection - across different platforms Mac, iPhone, Android ... as well as Windows) Collaborate: With team members from anywhere in real time or when available 


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Add or reduce team members easily. 
Collaborate with contractors, volunteers, and members / customers from outside your organization when needed. Quickly add or reduce storage and services. Pay as you go using only the services you need.

Stay Current:  

Minimal Maintenance New versions included with updates done easily through the cloud

Reduce & Spread Costs: 

Convert capital expenses to operating expenses by using software as a service (SAAS). Access sophisticated, integrated technology solutions without hiring an IT staff to manage it. No long-term commitments or disruptions to your existing business operations