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With limited resources and finances, organizations need to pick their battles. It is a waste of time, money, and effort to develop a program/service if a member/certificant will not buy it or it does not support your business goals. 

The Sutton Team specializes in taking a knowledge-driven, value-added approach. Through diligent market assessment and business case development, we can help you from concept to successful launch of programs, services, and processes. 

Continuing Education  Programs 

  • Instructional design 
    Multi-platform delivery 
    Engage your subject experts 

Certifications, Certificates,  Accreditations 

  • Develop new programs from scratch based on what your certificants really value. Improve your existing programs. 


We believe that society thrives when high-performing nonprofits support their communities and protect the public. Nonprofits are fundamental to a robust society.