Profile picture of Lance J. Welter.

Lance is a highly motivated professional who understands the importance of business relationships. He has extensive experience working with and serving both non-profit and for-profit organizations, establishing credentialing and certification programs, scoping, and overseeing implementation of psychometrically valid tests for different industries and professional specialties. Lance has successfully developed these types of communication networks, both internal and external, across corporate, government, environmental, non-profit, and high-tech arenas – from environmental engineering to high tech and agile software development - with proven results of increased revenue, market share and customer satisfaction. 

As a member of the Sutton team, Lance’s role is to match our team with the needs of our clients. He works as the key account manager and is often a key liaison among the many different stakeholders in a project. Lance ensures that communication is not limited to between the sales department and client, but also with the product development group and operations, so that requirements are delivered and not just promised. To understand more about what Sutton Enterprises can offer you, contact Lance. 

Credentials: MA